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Mini Session Love

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Everything you need to know about our upcoming Valentine mini sessions!

We have two adorable setups for you to choose from this year. Below is a detailed description of each setup and the shoot dates.

Setup #1 "My Heart Beats for You"

An urban stage-themed setup with microphone stand, smaller microphones for mobile kids or multiple children, guitars, headphones, etc. Interactive and fun! Large enough for multiple siblings (let's create a band!). We will have a speaker in the studio playing some fun music to jam out to. Recommended for ages 2+. Great for older kids as the microphone stand is adjustable!

Session Date: Sunday, January 29th

Setup #2 "Sweet On You"

A bright, simple setup that includes a large heart stand encased in pastel balloons with additional balloons on the ground, candy hearts as props and fun confetti to throw! Recommended ages 2+ for the interactive pieces of the setups (especially for the confetti) and to fully utilize the whole setup, but as long as they are sitting up completely on their own, then we can work with that!

Session Date: Saturday, February 4th

These are 15-20 minute sessions. You will receive 5 digital images with an option to purchase additional photos. The pricing is $250. After the session, each kiddo will receive a Valentine's Day-themed gift bag. These sessions will be done in enough time to order your Valentine Cards.

To Book:

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