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Life as a photographer mom dealing with autism #autismfamily

I felt like I needed to type this post to help create an outlet for some of the feelings and emotions that I've been experiencing lately. The past few weekends have been FILLED with photography sessions specifically my Christmas mini-sessions. I've met so many wonderful families with adorable, fun children.

So here's the thing, I'm exhausted, but I LOVE doing this. I really do think that shows through my pictures. I try to go out of my way to provide a truly memorable experience for my clients. Snowballs and ornaments being thrown at me? Check. Presents being chewed on or unwrapped? Check. Children running around my living room getting into all of the props? Check. And you know what? It honestly doesn't bother me at all. I love that they are happy which makes their families happy. It helps me capture true smiles and genuine personality.

Since my son is non-verbal, I sometimes forget that my clients who are children are! I don't mean to do it intentionally, I'm just so used to coming up with creative solutions for Manolo to look at the camera when I take pictures of him instead of talking. It's something that I"m working on. I know it sounds crazy, but if I'm not always talking during a shoot it's because I'm really just not used to it- hah! It might sound weird, I'm just so in awe of children actually responding to their names or doing what I say and direct them to do. Manolo very rarely responds to his name and definitely does not listen or understand when I tell him to do something. I know that I catch myself not saying my client's names. Definitely not intentional. This will hopefully explain myself a little more.

I work full-time during the week, do school-school work somewhere in that chaos, be there for my son during all of this therapy appointments, and then I do photography shoots and edit all of my galleries my entire weekend. I usually stay up until 2 am to ensure I get everything done. I seriously feel fulfilled though because I know I'm doing what makes me happy. I know eventually I want to make my photography business my full-time job. This is something that will probably happen within the next year because I will probably have to get out of the military to be there for my son full-time. Photography will allow me to be able to choose my hours. This is a very big decision for my family so we are still discussing the pros and cons. I just want everyone to know that every shoot that I do makes me feel more confident and helps lead me to my goal that will help me be there for my family.

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