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First Year Down | Turning ONE |All Grown UP!

It's my Party, and I will cry if I want to!

My little girl, Ellie, officially turned the big ONE! Holy smokes did it go FAST! She is my feisty little fire cracker! She is so full of personality, and she is always keeping us on our toes! Some of you may not know this, but at only 10 months old she had major cranial reconstruction surgery due to having coronal sysnostosis which is just a fancy way of saying the sutures in her skull fused way too early so her brain had no where to grow! This little girl is a true warrior though.

She recovered in record-breaking time. She has a scar that runs from one ear to the other. Her hair has already grown back, almost completely covering it, and she acts like it was a walk in the park.

Kids are truly resilient.

She started walking about a week after turning one which didn't surprise me. She sees her brother moving around freely and kids in her daycare class moving about with ease so of course she wants to join in on that!

I can't blame her.

It just means I'm in trouble.

Luckily for me, almost everything is baby-proof with locks on everything thanks to my son.

We did one-year photos, and I snagged this lovely little photo of her. She was of course happy for about 10 seconds then being a normal one year old was over with taking pictures! She definitely let me know.

Dad had to sing baby shark. I had to act silly. We probably looked pretty crazy.

Pretty typical for a milestone shoot.

I had all of these cute outfits lined up for her to wear, and I think we were able to get through like..two...out of 10. HAH! My big plans failed.

I'll probably keep this picture forever to remind her how she was as a baby. Maybe it will make it into her senior photos one day! I know all of you parents out there keep similar photos.

Something I have to look forward to.

I love you, Ellie-Boo!

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