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A Walk with Manolo | The Bridge

As most of you know, Manolo has autism, and sometimes he has meltdowns. Sometimes they are sensory-related, sometimes they are not. We don't always know what causes them. He cannot communicate with us by talking so it can be frustrating for everyone. It's just something we have learned to work through. It's hard to calm him down when he has one especially when he has a hard time working through his emotions. This week has been especially difficult for him.

One thing Manolo absolutely loves is being outside. The trees, plants, wind, and all of the noises just tickle his senses. There is so much going on, and he loves trying to process everything. He wants to touch the flower petals, feel the breeze from the wind, sift the dirt through his fingers, play with these leaves, and run as fast as he possibly he can.

It's hard for us during the work week to find time to play outside with him especially because he has therapy hours and we don't get off until later then Ellie needs us. So today we decided to go on a family walk because it was just perfect outside. Not too hot, with some sun and clouds for coverage. It's exactly what Manolo needed.

We walked to our favorite bridge near our house. Manolo loves this bridge because he can look through the chain link at the creek and through the slats on the main walk-way. This was the first time Ellie has been able to walk on the bridge so it was a new experience for her. Manolo has not been wanting to be near Ellie this week. He is starting to realize that we can't give him all of our attention so he has been very moody around her.

Not today though.

He didn't mind that she was following him on the bridge or wanting to do what he was doing. He was just happy to be in his favorite place.

It's not always easy with Manolo. It makes me incredibly sad when I can't figure out what he needs from us. But today, he just wanted a walk to one of his favorite places. Sometimes it's as simple as that.

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