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A Look Back on 2022

Updated: May 17, 2023

I love taking a step back and reminiscing on the previous year before jumping into a new one.

Let's take a glimpse into this past year...

Snuggled 63 newborns,

Smashed 55 cakes,

Celebrated over 72 milestones,

Captured 46 family stories & personalities,

Documented 22 mamas on their motherhood journey,

Endured the crazy of 161 themed-mini-sessions (from Valentine's Day, Motherhood, Summer on the Farm, and Christmas)

For a total of 366 sessions in 2022.

Wow! We kept busy! Thank you for a wonderful year!

Look at these beautiful tiny angels!

The gorgeous mamas!

The sweet mini clients!

Special family moments!

All the fun themed shoots!

We are excited to jump into this next year...

Get ready to plan all the things!!

Download 2023 Printable Calendar here.

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