Cake Smash

It's my party, and I will smash if I want to!

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Interested in your sweet baby smashing a cake to celebrate the big "one" milestone?

Maybe you are even wondering...Danielle, why are cake smashes even a thing?

Well, first of all, it's adorable. Their reactions eating sugary sweets for the first time is priceless! Trust me. Sometimes they don't prefer the icing on their fingers so they run their little feet through the cake instead. Some kids prefer to just dive in or others..prefer to play in it!

Is it messy? Yes. Is it fun? Heck yeah!

Are you thinking that it seems like a lot of work? NO worries-

I've got you covered! I make it as stress-free as possible for parents. I literally do all of the ordering, setting up, and cleaning up! You only have to provide me with a color or theme that you are interested in, and I do all of the rest.

Cake smashes are add-ons to my milestone packages. This means that you will receive a normal portrait session before your cake smash. I typical shoot the portrait session on a solid color seamless paper or a simple setup and then there is a separate setup for the smash.

There are two options for my smashes.

Option A: Simple Smash

Option B: All-Out Smash

Option A

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With the Simple Smash, there is a balloon wall and cake. I provide both. All I need is a color scheme, and we discuss this together along with options for the cake. A beautiful, but simple option.

This is a $100 add-on to the original milestone package ($250).

- 10 digital images with option to purchase more.

Option B

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With the All-Out Smash, there is a themed setup and cake. I provide everything including backdrop, props, decor, cake, and etc. Once you book, we will discuss the theme that you would like along with options for the props and cake. I will need time to order everything so please book a couple of weeks to a month out.  A very fun option!

This is a $300 add-on to the original milestone package ($250).

- 10 digital images with the option to purchase more